Hospital Spoils is a specialist mobile spa service offering a range of in-hospital beauty treatments to patients and visitors.  

You don’t have to be in bed to enjoy one of our treatments; doctors, nurses and hospital staff will find our top quality services highly convenient.  

With Hospital Spoils on the premises, you will be sitting pretty and saving time.


Dedicated to hospitalised patients and enhancing their care, their family and friends along with medical staff, Hospital Spoils is on a mission to bring a little beauty and pampering into an already stressful environment.

Our niche mobile spa concept is the creation of a Johannesburg surgeon who realised that she could do even more to help her patients recover and improve their overall hospital experience by adding an extra special touch – right at their bedside.

After all, the doctor knows best!

Time spent in hospital can be scary and (if we’re honest) boring, for both you and your loved ones.  We have just the thing to lift your spirits.

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Hospital Spoils also caters for hard-working professionals who are pressed for time. Our mobile spa offers huge time-saving convenience so that you can enjoy a spoil without having to leave your place of work.

Concerned about your health and safety?  Don’t be.

All our therapists are hospital-trained and specialise in sterility and infection control to ensure the utmost care is taken to enhance your recovery.  We understand hospital regulations and make your health and safety the utmost priority.

The treatments provide relaxation which does wonders to improve your physical health and wellbeing. In addition, we have medical supervision and contact with a doctor to make sure that your treatment is safe at all times and beneficial to your health.

In fact, research has shown that recovery is enhanced with a little pampering!